Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Upholstered Bedhead Headboard

Well I am happy to say I am having a productive week.

I mentioned the free bedhead I picked up, in my last post. I have managed to reupholster it and am really happy with the result.

Here it is BEFORE.

and here it is AFTER...

I painted the woodwork black.

This fabric has been fantastic. I got it in a sale and have covered chairs, lamps (thanks Sandy) and now a bedhead in it.
I wanted to use double piping as that is what was used originally and it gives a professional finish but I have had a very difficult time trying to make it. I even ordered a special piping foot from the States but it hasn't helped me. Then I had the idea of painting the old piping that I had removed from the bedhead. Well it worked a treat.

So here she is in all her glory. I'm tempted to sell our queen-size bed just so I can keep her (She/he is a King-size).

I am not having much joy selling my projects on ebay so if any of you resourceful ladies have an idea where else I could sell, I'm all ears.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Projects Pending.

Before I show you all a couple of projects I have waiting patiently in the wings, I'd like to share my latest addition to my hallway/gallery. I painted this canvas for our previous home which had an abundance of large expanses of bare walls. It was barely noticeable. But our current home has limited wall space to accomodate such a large canvas. As you will see, it is almost floor to ceiling.

Okay, now my to-do list. Please don't hold your collective breath for the "AFTER" pics as I don't want to be responsible for your early expiration.

The bedhead was a freebie off the road-side. I thought it was a queen and was looking forward to having a newly upholstered bedhead but alas it is King size so I'll do it up and then sell it.

The following is some fabric I picked up today and I will be using it for one of the above projects. Can you guess which one?

I'm a little unsure which trim to use...

or this....

I just love the second trim with it's delightful little pleat around the bottom.

I will try and get on with one of these projects very soon. Now that my son has finished school for the year my computer time will be severely diminshed so I've got no excuses not to get on with some projects :o)

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Hallway

I can't believe that after somewhat of a break from posting all I can come up with is my hallway - but there you have it.

When we bought our house it was painted a very yellow-cream throughout. I have almost eradicated the cream with Dulux White on White with the exception of the aluminium joinery (argh).

I got Jake, my 16yo, to give me a hand with the final paint of the hallway before prettying it up with some of my amateur artworks.

New handles

Pretty mirror which helps open up the space.

Pretty light fittings which are diy so no electrician needed.

My wavey canvas made with some material I found at Bunnings that is normally used in the plumbing trade.

My 3 Koru made using tile adhesive to give lots of texture.

My Planet painting.

I used a hair comb to get the textured effect I was after.

...and finally an artwork done by my 13 year old daughter which will grace the wall as soon as I get it framed. She has been enjoying Art lessons but sadly her teacher is unable to continue with after-school lessons. She said of one of Danneke's watercolours that she had used the same technique as an artist and was most impressed with her work.

I have 2 great blogs to recommend to you all....

I'd love to do a big rave about Suzy and Meg's blogs but I have to dash off and get the kids from school so do yourself a favour and go visit them :o)