Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chair Make-over

It seems like forever since my last post. We have had copious viruses invade our computer and apparently I have been sending all of my facebook friends questionable comments with very dubious video links attached! So we ended up bying a new computer, which has been on the cards for a while anyway, and now all appears to be good.

With so much time away from the computer I have been able to get some projects finished,lol.

I scored these chairs off ebay for under $100, painted them up and reupholstered them. They are sold so I am really pleased that my hobby is finally making me a little $$

I've included a sneak peak of my current project, a before shot that is. You could be waiting a while for the after now that I am back blogging!

It's so good to be back and I have soooo much catching up to do of all your wonderful posts.


Friday, April 16, 2010

A Replacement Mirror

You may remember the mishap we had at some unearthly hour of the night when the metal hook holding up a mirror snapped and the mirror, and urn beneath it, came crashing to the ground (pic 2). I decided to replace the mirror with one I had sitting in the garage. It was made redundant from the entry foyer a while ago. It was a gold/bronze colour so I painted it.....wait for it....white!(imagine that).
I picked up 2 rattan/cane/wicker (can someone please do a post on the difference between these) chairs off ebay. I'm really happy with the way they look in this room. Still not sure what style I'm going for in here. Everytime I see a picture I like on a blog I change my mind (see, it's all your fault,lol).
The mirror is certainly different but in a good way (I hope). What do you think?

Ugly power cords!

I want to mention a blog I have been following for a short time now and am really enjoying. May I introduce Alaina and her blog Arbour House Lane I'm sure she would love for you to visit and say "Hi".

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

I spent the week making over my daughter's bedroom while she was away on holiday. I had trouble getting the photos right, must be the odd light we're having today, so I'm sorry about the picture quality but like I said in my last post, I can't wait to show you:o)

My daughter loves art and will always sign her artwork with her initials DRG (we call her Dee-arjee, sounds kind of like a French artist don't you think?)

The curtains are an almost candy pink/red stripe.

This was a compromise. I promised not to touch the poster wall!

Made this cute cushion.

Made this headboard.

Did NOT embroider this throw.

I am in love with this blue/grey paint colour and have been looking around the house to see where else I can use it.

These tassels really brought my OCD to the fore!

I put metal butterflys in this frame.

Painted the cupboard doors and knobs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome a New Blogger

Image via OKA

I have been busy this week making over my older daughter's bedroom (again) while she has been on holiday in Kuala Lumpur with hubby. I am thrilled with the result and can't wait to share it with you all, however, darling daughter has my camera so I guess I will HAVE to wait.

In the meantime let me share with you a new blog that I have just discovered. It is called Shabby Whites and belongs to Marina. I have a feeling it is going to be a very special blog and one which I am really looking forward to following. Marina has a couple of examples of her art on her sidebar and it is FANTASTIC. She certainly is a clever lady and the guest room she has finished making over is a dream. Please pop by and make her welcome to blogland:o)

I'll leave you with this picture from my inspiration file. Do you love it as much as I do?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dining Chair Makeover.

My dining chairs are finished and they are keepers for sure! I love these chairs. I bought them, (plus a table which I promptly sold) on ebay for around $80 the lot. My kind friend Sandy from the blog Sandy's Place painted them for me in Dulux White Antique USA. Then I set about upholstering them in a mid-grey vinyl. This will be very practical when it comes to beetroot and spaghetti sauce! Next I attached the nailhead. It was my first time using this continuous strip of studs and I am loving it! Lastly I painted the brass feature on the bottom of the front legs a nice bright silver.

I have not seen many of these chairs around and despite numerous google image searches the following 2 images were all I could come up with. I nearly died when I was watching The Blindside and saw these chairs which are very similar. (Did anyone else cry for approximately half of that movie or was it just me?)

image via here

Source unknown sorry. (please let me know if it's yours)

Didn't Sandy do a great paint job! That's the old upholstery fabric.