Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clock Update

Just a quick post while hubby is off with the kids doing the grocery shopping, (he loves it, I hate it - works well).
After I posted about this clock that I was planning to make-over, I had a few commenters saying I should leave it as is. I agree it's a lovely clock with loads of character, but I am going for a more pared back, clean look.

Which is why it looks like this now....

I used wooden letters from Spotlight and large (okay huge) upholstery nailhead.

Please excuse the fact that you can see the hanging rope of the frame. Haven't got around to fixing that yet.

Another little project from this week....this is before

.....and this is after

The shade is definitely not staying. It's just a spare I had lying around.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest Project

My latest upholstery project is a set of 6 dining chairs, including 2 carvers. I have given these chairs a wash with white paint and, as you can see below, used a pretty, somewhat shabby chic fabric that I bought last year when it was reduced to $5/metre. I knew I could put it to good use and just had to be patient while waiting for the right project t o come along.

Below are the before shots. The chairs were quite nice but the fabric had some staining. They have coil sprung bases and thankfully these were all intact as I have no experience in fixing them.

These 2 images (above and below), were inspiration for this project. I love the contrast of floral and stripe.

Image via Decorpad

Did I mention I love the contrast of the stripes and the floral.
I just need to finish these off with double piping (welting). This will give a lovely professional finish. When I saw the striped fabric I knew straight away it would be perfect, so I wasn't going to let the fact that it was thermal-backed curtain fabric stop me from using it! Besides, the only person that will ever know is the person that covers the chairs next time (oh, and anyone who reads this post,lol)

A close-up of the whitewash timber (below).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HorganS Table

I took the plunge and sold my black sideboard this week. I am not feeling regretful over this decision as, for a long while now, I have felt that it dominated the small space that is our formal lounge, and now I am looking forward to "the hunt" of finding a replacement.

In the meantime I did find something to fill the space temporarily.
I was op. shopping last week with a friend and spied these gorgeous iron curves peeking out from under a monstrous, untidy pile of quilts, duvets, blankets and other linens. My heart did a little skip as I circled like a hawk looking for a price tag (all the while keeping my cool, so as not to attract the attention of other treasure seekers). There it was...$120. I approached an assistant to tell her I would like to take the table only to be told that it was not for sale but was being used for display purposes only. My heart sank a little. I mentioned the price tag and took her over to show her (apparently proof was needed). The store manager was called over..".no, not for sale any longer, why?, do you want to buy it?" "um, yes please" SOLD.

Isn't she gorgeous. I love her curves and timber top. She's a great size and I am beginning to think she may have found a permanent abode.

This is the label on her underside...I'm not great with Brand names but I think this is a goody...any designers or people "in the know" that per-chance may browse this post, could you please comment and fill me in on HorganS.

I'm thinking that I may give her top a paint-wash but will live with her for a while and see what she thinks.
What a cutie!

What you see below is the contents of the black sideboard, stacked to the side of the room as I am now a little short on storage....ebay, here I come :o)