Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dropcloth Headboard Before/After

I got this headboard for $5 and have just finished covering it in dropcloth and stenciling a fleur-de-lis and black stripes. I'm really happy with how it turned out.



I tried to use the seams on the dropcloth to my advantage....


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog Discovery is Fun!

How good is it when you get a new follower, click on their pic and discover an incredible blog!

My most recent followers include Terry John Woods

and Jon Hirst

Terry's blog blew me away. This man's talent seems to know no bounds, from his incredible eye for style to his genteel teddy bear making to his masterful art.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Teryy painted the mural in the foreground (above).

He has a published book and another coming out soon which I am eager to get my hands on!

Summer House is Terry's yet to be released book.

The other blog I am pleased to introduce is that of David Long Designs
based in York, UK.
Their head designer, Jon Hirst left me a comment which was very humbling.
Take a look at the images below and you will get an idea of this man's design talent, CRAZY!

How awesome to have these 2 talented people following and appreciating my humble wee blog!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ornate Headboard Before/After

I made a successful tender on this Queensize headboard yesterday. Couldn't believe my luck! (Kinda don't believe in luck so not sure why I use that phrase).
I go to the Tender Centre each week and basically I put really low dollars on anything and everything that catches my eye, not really expecting to have much success, so it's always a nice surprise to win something from time to time.

First up we had to get it home. We loaded up the trusty Daewoo. My seat was pushed so far forward my breath was condensing on the windscreen, and it was reclining in a less than 90 degree angle but comfort was not a priority, I just wanted to get it home!

Although I have an appreciation of art and the work that goes into creating a masterpiece, I have never been a huge fan of folk-art so had no qualms in sanding back the floral adornment in order to revive this beauty.

And here is the after...

I happen to quite like the crackle effect so was content to leave it as is.
After a coat of enamel Pebble Dash I highlighted with a lighter shade of grey.

I was intending to sell this piece, but I have fallen in love!

Trusting you are all enjoying the beginning of a new week.
Life's such a funny thing and can have us revelling in it's opportunities one minute and spinning our heads the next. So whatever you are dealing with at the moment, I hope you can take time to breathe and be thankful for small mercies and great blessings :o)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Grown Art.

Tidying her bedroom was a worthwhile venture for daughter No. 1 as it unearthed some treasures that would otherwise be sandwiched in an art folder in the dark recesses of an overcrowded wardrobe.
These are sketches she did while away on her Year 7 Sydney/Canberra School Trip in 2009.

Note the ferry in the foreground (below).

The Sydney Opera House.

I think there needs to be one more picture to complete the set, so a family trip to Sydney may be in order :o)

I don't think I will be able to leave the black table here in the hallway as I don't think hubby will be too thrilled about having to walk sideways around the corner to the bedroom!