Monday, January 31, 2011


I have a new best friend! Stephen the upholsterer from Burleigh Upholstery covered enough buttons to do this and another bedhead - 58 buttons all up. He was also more than happy to impart his upholstery knowledge when I quizzed him about deep button tufting. I told him I wanted to tackle this skill in the near future. I may need to have him on speed dial during the learning process!

So here is the reveal of the headboard I have been working on. I had missed out on 2 matching bedheads on ebay ($45 the pair) but was DELIGHTED when I was contacted and told that the winning bidder had defaulted and that I was now the owner of the bedheads should I still want them....duh yes!

BEFORE (below).

AFTER (Below).

I don't have a suitable single bed to display this on so I have it propped up at the end of my bed.

I intend to do the other matching bedhead in a white velveteen with white woodwork. I will be selling these so if anyone is interested, drop me an email.
I have a couple of blogs to recommend but will leave that 'til my next post as I need to get to school now, bye.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just A Tease

Just to pique your interest haha.
I should have this project finished very soon. There are 29 buttons to cover which I considered doing myself for.....oh...... 2 seconds!
The upholsterer can do them for 50 cents a button - Great!

Finished project to be revealed very soon, I promise.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Junior Master Chef Cake

With all the excitement of Christmas/New Year and then focussing on the year ahead and all the possibilities that lie there-in, I forgot to share some pics of my daughter Tilly's birthday cake.

She turned 10 on December 22nd.

Normally, with a birthday on the horizon, I lie awake at nights (seems to be when I am at my most creative) trying to come up with an original idea for a cake. Well this time, with all the busy-ness of end of year stuff, it just slipped my mind. So this cake was very last minute.

Tilly was really into Junior Master Chef last year so thought this cake was appropriate.

Danneke (13), Tilly (Talitha - 10)
Fortunately for both girls they have inherited their Dad's height and not mine. I am doomed to be the shortest in the family :-/

The cake isn't huge - I scoured kitchen shops for mini utensils such as the sifter, mixing bowl and cake tin.

I have a blog to recommend :o)
Meg is from Adelaide (South Australia). She has recently recovered some chairs and I was blown away by the results, especially of her office chair! Take a look!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Children's Art

I had my daughter Tilly do some art for my art gallery/hallway. She did a spectacular job.

I love the simplicity of her pencil sketches and the hint of blue watercolour paint.

I have commisioned her to do one more as I think the wall where they are displayed needs an extra frame at the bottom.

One more week of school holidays. I am in 2 minds about the kids return to school...on one hand it means school lunches to make and no more sleep-ins.
On the other hand I get the whole day to myself and can get on with my many pending projects.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Plantation Shutter Makeover and Installation

I purchased these Plantation shutters off ebay several months ago with plans of installing them in our living room. It has been a difficult space to furnish as it was designed as a formal dining space at one end and formal lounge at the other. Considering we eat our meals at the breakfast bar, we hardly need a formal dining room. When we want to have a "special" meal we sit around the dining table. It's very exciting.
Anyway, these shutters have been taking up space in the garage for far too long, so last week I attacked them with my spray gun.

I obviously haven't got the knack of the sprayer yet because look what happened....

I felt like this.....

However much I felt like it, I didn't give up. Sometimes with these things you just have to keep going and sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't. I spent the whole day on these shutters. I had more paint up my nostrils than.... than..... trying to think of a Dr Phil crack but I can't come up with a good one, but you get the idea.

Next began the installation process. Hubby and son hard at it.

Here are a couple of shots of the room from either end before installation.

(Those ceiling fan/lights have got to go!)

And after installation.....

I didn't want to completely block off the spaces from each other, just screen each area off, but also allow light to get through.

Now we have a formal lounge, (which will get used as long as there's a TV in there), and a media/music/study/reading space which gets a lot of use. It's so good to get these shutters up after thinking they would be in the "too hard" basket for another 6 months.