Saturday, January 30, 2010

On a Craft Roll

Here we go with yet more craft ideas. Right now I think I am using crafting as an escape from all my boring housework. When I am gluing or painting, drilling or cutting, it seems like there's no such thing as ironing, or mopping, dusting or folding, and that's how I like it! Of course reality always hits hard and I can't stay in denial forever..... but maybe just a little longer.

Shells glued onto sandpaper.

A cute frame I picked up for 10 cents at a garage sale.

I have yet to put my own photos in this frame but the black and white are passable 'till I get around to it. I had the wooden plaque, the shell and the stick-on letters lying around the house, so no expense here.

How cute are these tiny flower pots!! I have a few ideas what I could do with them.

I painted the shelf today. It was apple green before.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Okay, I'll Put You Out of Your Misery!

I can just imagine you've all been losing sleep, wondering just what it was that I was going to do with this...;o)

Here, take a closer look...

Okay, do you give up????

It's our pseudo-upholstered bedhead :o)

I haven't done much to this room since we moved in, just added the blinds. It still needs painting, new flooring, the walls need adorning with something stylish. At first I had the bed up against the left hand wall but it was under a small, high window and I didn't like the look. Having it arranged this way makes the room appear larger and although it's not ideal having the bed up against a full length window, it works for now. I'm loving the bedhead now. The 2 canvasses fit perfectly into the recesses in the bedhead, couldn't believe my luck.

I'd like to make mention of a blog I have found and am really enjoying. Erica at decorica is an interior decorator in Massachusetts. I know she would love it if you took the time to visit.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Have A Guess, I Dare You!

My head is so full of "stuff" at the moment that I am having trouble stringing 2 sentences together so forgive me if this post is a bit random and somewhat vacant...thanks.

I spent this morning covering a couple of old painted canvases that were sitting around collecting dust. I used a wadding,a lovely white linen, grey braid/ribbon and fabric covered buttons. Naturally I mis-calculated the number of buttons needed and the amount of braid so had to make another trip to Spotlight (hate it when that happens!)

The question is...have you any ideas as to what I will be doing with this now that it is finished???

All will be revealed in a future post.

I have posted a few pics taken around our house just for fun. I haven't figured out how to do a photo collage yet but when I do (hopefully Mel can help me out there) I will probably bore you all silly with pics of our house;-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Crafting

So, the craft bug has bitten me bad and I go to bed at night with a million ideas racing around in my head, but I love it!

I picked up these pretty tile hooks in NZ, but I'm not into pretty so much any more....

so with a coat of black paint around the border,(looking better already), 3 white tiles and painted initials for each of my kids....

they are ready for 3 fluffy white towels to be picked up off the floor(!) and hung up.

Next, I brought these stones back from NZ too. I guess they looked a bit suss to the customs officer as he did a bag check.

I popped them in this nice shadow box (also from NZ, I love The Warehouse!) and found a spot for them here.

And last, but not least, I framed these wee Kimmidolls for my youngest daughter. She is into anything Japanesey at the moment, (how do you make a japanese parasol fit into try-hard scandanavian decor?!?!)

Just in need of 2 pretty hooks.

This is the birthday cake I made her in December and it went down a treat (literally!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pinboard Project

"I'm bringin' crafty baaack" (sung to tune of J.T's "Sexy Back")

I have been putting all my energy into remodelling the house and doing upholstery projects and my crafting has really taken a back seat. I really get a buzz when I do a craft project that I love so decided it was time to get back into it.
This grotty old pinboard has survived 3 garage sales and still remains with us so it was time for a makeover.

First a fresh coat of paint.

Next some new fabric. I had this lovely black fabric on hand and upon reversing it found.......

.... this lovely neutral colour. Love it!

Also loving double sided tape.

oops, photos a bit out of order. I dry brushed on some white paint for a washed look.

Next, braid to tidy the edges of the fabric (double sided tape again). Love all the texture.

I added this "Things to do" blackboard which had peel and stick backing, a couple of hooks for keys, 2 clothes pegs for "bills" and "notes" and over to the lower right is the chalk holder... a clear lipstick lid :o)

I plan to attach a couple of hoop rings to the top at either end and hang it from 2 brackets but for now it has found a resting place on the desk.

My darling Tilly (formally Talitha) wanted to get in on the act and created her own pinboard. She used an old painted canvas and added corkboard to the left hand side. She's showing definite signs of the crafting gene!

The only question that remains now is....what do I do with 2 lipsticks, minus their lids?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come With Me To Italy....

Okay, so it's not really Italy but it must come pretty close to what I imagine the real thing to be!
The Italian Renaissance Garden at the Hamilton Gardens was a particular highlight of my recent trip home to New Zealand. I felt so at peace in this garden. The symmetry, the perfectly clipped box hedging, the stunning ornamental features...okay, everything!!! I wish you could all have shared this experience with me. So the next best thing is to take you on an on-line tour....let's go.......follow me along this pathway..........

..........past this gorgeous urn

here we are at the entrance....

get ready for a visual feast.....

can't you just hear the water as it cascades over the fountain?

Look at that large urn up against the far wall to the left.

Let's have a closer look, come on.....

Okay,THAT is a BIG URN!

Can you spot my Mum in the picture below?

Lovely detail everywhere.

Such neat edges, straight lines, don't you just LOVE it?!

And just to prove I really was there......

Okay, one last look.....

Thanks so much for coming along with me. You are such good company. I hope you enjoyed your visit!