Monday, January 25, 2010

Have A Guess, I Dare You!

My head is so full of "stuff" at the moment that I am having trouble stringing 2 sentences together so forgive me if this post is a bit random and somewhat vacant...thanks.

I spent this morning covering a couple of old painted canvases that were sitting around collecting dust. I used a wadding,a lovely white linen, grey braid/ribbon and fabric covered buttons. Naturally I mis-calculated the number of buttons needed and the amount of braid so had to make another trip to Spotlight (hate it when that happens!)

The question is...have you any ideas as to what I will be doing with this now that it is finished???

All will be revealed in a future post.

I have posted a few pics taken around our house just for fun. I haven't figured out how to do a photo collage yet but when I do (hopefully Mel can help me out there) I will probably bore you all silly with pics of our house;-)


MelsRosePlace said...

Your home is looking beautiful Ange. With the picasa thing you download the pg. from Google and all your photos go into that. You can then blog and collage directly from google - it even has the icons! Its easy - believe me. What happened to this week! I am back to work tomorrow and school begins. Soon we will be overwhelmed with school notes. Mel xxx

The Pink Poodle said...

Hi ange...
I cannot wait to see what you are up to??

I do hate suspense..

& YES MELS collages are wonderful..I have NO IDEA how to DO anything to do with it all...what is PICASA?? gives me the you know whats not being computer savvy re stuff n that!!

anyway...your home looks fab...

happy Australia Day!! even if you are a kiwi!??
hey we are ALL ONE...sort of?? cough cough..
even though we HATE each other re rugby/cricket..LOL!!

xx wiz...i hope you know i am joking!!

Anna said... certainly looks like you have been busy..and the sneak peak pics look amazing..cant wait to see more. If you want to try your hand at putting a collage together...I would recommend Picasa software...its super easy to use and free download :)

theoldboathouse said...

Mmmm what are you up to.. looks wonderful. would love to do one of these for my daughters room. The pics around your home are fab,cheers Katherine

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hi Ange! You are on a roll with all of your creativity!! Love that memo board you made! I'm really loving that coffee table! Very Beautiful! & Cant wait to see your collages you make!

Happy Australia Day To All Of You!!

Big Hugs ~ Teresa

Sandra said...

Well Ange, first thought was sticking some fabulous B&W prints in it, then I thought , Nooooo that is too mundane for Ange, she will come up with some spectacular idea and make us all drool.....So I guess I will just have to wait patiently...HA!

Sandra said...

PS... yes definately Picasa...sooo easy, you will have collages all over the place.

Erica LeBlanc said...

Hi Ange,

I'm intriqued to see what you're up to with all of that stuff.

Thanks for visiting my site, and yes, I'd love a mention. Thanks so much,


cate said...

I think you are doing a wonderful job!...p.s love your coffee table.

Katrina Chambers said...

Ohh I am dying to know - looks good! With the colour of your big coffee table - was it always that colour, or did you sand it? I think I have the same table but it's not that colour and I love yours!

The Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Ange, you are a busy girl. You sound me and lay there at night and come up with all these great ideas - always thinking and plotting the next project. Love your images around your home just gorgeous. Sandy