Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hi Again.

Hi Everyone, I must apologise for my all too infrequent posting of late (actually for the best part of 2010!) but now I have my very own laptop, thanks to hubby for the best Christmas surprise ever, I will have no excuse for being so slack.

Thankyou too, to those who offered advice re my selling dilemma. I have had some recent success with ebay including the bedhead that I recently made over.

So I will soon be listing this cute little cupboard that Sandy at Paint Me White painted beautifully for me.

I thought I would show you just a couple of Christmas ideas that I did on the cheap before Christmas completely fades from our minds.
First... I wanted a novel way to display our Christmas cards (we seem to get less every year, sign of the times maybe) and spied this bamboo expanding garden trellis for around $5. I will probably paint it and use it to display photos once I have de-Christmased the house.

Next is this wreath which is just a polystyrene ring covered with a 5 dollar feather boa purchased from the childrens dress up aisle. I have another one to do and once again will use them in the house throughout the year.

Lastly, and I hesitate to do this as it's putting myself out there a bit, I have included a link to my Church website. It contains video of our recent Christmas Carol Service at which I sang a solo. I have done a lot of singing in the past but not so much in recent years so the old pipes are a bit rusty. If you can be bothered viewing I hope you enjoy the song and appreciate the message contained in it. I had a power point showing at the same time, mainly to deflect attention from myself, (although that was a bit hard given there was a blinding spotlight on me!) but it also really helped portray the meaning of the words.
Here's the link Reedy Creek Baptist Church Look under the drop-down menu of the heading "Resources" and click on Christmas Carols 2010
My song is the 4th on the list.


Monday, December 13, 2010

A Few Light Touches

Contrary to my non-conformist nature, 'cause I'm usually such a rebel (saturated in sarcasm that comment was), I have gone with the status quo and done a bit of Chrissy decorating...not too much mind you, but just enough to get us a bit more in the spirit of the Season.

I left the girls to do their thing with the tree and was pleasantly surprised...not much tweaking was necessary at all ;o)
Just missing the star off the top, oops.

Don't you hate it when you are anticipating a good TV show all week and then forget to watch it! Well I've been waiting 2 weeks for the next episode and tonight I am going to sit and enjoy To the Manor Bowen .......someone give Millie a pill please ;o)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Couple of Before/Afters.

Just a quickee to show a couple of before and afters...

Ugly lamp but great curves (Before)

And After...... gorgeous!

Ugly chair, great curves (Before)

and After... Gorgeous!!!

Thanks Sandy at Paint Me White for the great paint job :o)