Monday, January 16, 2012

Italianate Courtyard???

I have been thinking for some time that I would like to spruce up my deck somehow and have always loved the look of an Italian Courtyard. I wasn't sure the timber deck would lend itself to this decorating style and still have my reservations but I am giving it a go. I would like to get a new table and chairs eventually and some sort of mat under the table, although this could be tricky as it would need to be weather-proof (any ideas?)

For Christmas I was so excited to receive the 2 lovely urns and the buxus balls.

I am in the process of trying to paint the blue-board wall using a render/texture paint. I am having some success but would like it to go on a little more evenly. I am thinking I may need another coat to give better coverage.

There will be a clipped hedge along the wall either side of the large urn, white pebbles in the platform where the large urn is sitting, possibly an agave in the large urn and some up-lighting so it looks pretty at night :)

This is what happens when you leave candles out in the heat of the day!



Karen said...

Hi your outdoor area looks great. What a fab Xmas gift
Kind Regards

Beth said...

It all looks very elegant. I think a few key pieces like those fabulous urns will definitely take you to the Italian look. Had to giggle at the candelabra! x

Julienne said...

Looking good, going to look fabulous and I loved the candles...very stylish!!!!!

B is building a house said...

Love your urns!!!

Poor candles :(


Fiona, LilyfieldLife said...

Looks great Ange but shame about those blue wall and your neighbours ugly house peeping over the fence. I'd be growing a lillipilli hedge!
Our neighbour behind us used to sotre all his wheelbarrow and ugly stuff on top of his shed so I planted a robinia and it totally blocks it out.
hope you're having a good summer
cheers Fiona

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Love the urns! I am sure Jamie Durie endorsed some outdoor rugs once upon a time? x

Matt Grootenboer said...

"shame about the Blue Board"? The only shame is that the constructor wasn't given his due praise!!!
Well done Peter never before has a "Grootenboer" man built such a fine structure.