Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cabinet Makeover

I have been head down, you-know-what up lately and managed to get a few projects completed, including this cute wee cabinet.

I will be listing this on ebay tomorrow along with some other completed projects. If anyone local is interested, or has friends that they think may be interested, my ebay user name is grootsww



cate said...

LOVE IT !! When can I move should seriously look at opening a shop...cate x

HausStylish said...

ooh i love it, very practical and very pretty, well done, you are so clever!

penny barns said...

i agree. open a shop
pen x

Jules said...

I've added you to my favourite sellers list!

angelaluvnlife said...

Ok so I love the lampshades I think that is so cute. I don't actually have any lights with lamp shades, partially because I dislike the look of lampshades so much but I love what you have done with them.