Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another unfinished project.

How much un-fun is it to make over a teenage boys bedroom! I have made a start on my 15 year old's room, which doubles as a guest room (he is very gracious about giving up his room from time to time).
I would like the bed in the middle of the wall, he likes it pushed up into the corner. I would have cushions galore on the bed, he is happy with a couple of pillows, (in fact at a friends recent sleepover he slept on the treadmill so I'm guessing his bed is more than satisfactory to his requirements!)
I have yet to paint the rest of the room which will be white, and sand and paint the wardrobe doors and change the hardware. We have guests coming to stay in a few weeks so I'm hoping to have it finished by then...nothing like a bit of motivation.


MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Ange - i think revamping your children's rooms is so much fun. My only gripe is that in my case they dont stay beautiful for too long! Can think of so many great ideas for a boys room but not sure if they share our decorating fever! Enjoy the challenge and am looking forward to hearing of the outcome, Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ange! Thanks for comment on my blog!! I´m glad that you love my blog! :)
YES, I´d enjoyed Midsomer murders - love it!!
Have a great day!