Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seen Any Studs Lately???

Seen any studs lately? know, those great embellishments that upholsterers use to beautify sofas, chairs, ottomans and the like........
Here are a few images featuring studs that I personally find very attractive. I apologise if you need to click to enlarge the image in order to be able to see them in detail.
I imagine there will be a few studs on the field at the NRL Grand Final on know, the little spikes on the bottom of the players boots ;o)


Image 1 Homes & Gardens, Image 2 House & Garden, Image 3 El Mueble, Images 5 - 10 Home Beautiful


Peter said...

Where is my picture (and I don't mean the silver jewlery I used to have in my ear)?

Sheryl said...

Got to say those were some mighty fine looking studs! Peter, I thought that was a picture of you...guess it's been a while since I saw you last. Now would definitely be the time to post your picture here!

brismod said...

Funny post! But I do love the look of studs on certain furniture items - it gives an old world charm. Have you used studs on your upholstery work? Anita

Tracey said...

Ha! Cute post, and great pics - George and the other pictures too!!!

:) T