Sunday, September 13, 2009

"I Can Dream Can't I?"

Having lived in and enjoyed a 100 year old villa early on in our married life, I can certainly appreciate the sense of space these wonderful old buidings afford, with the wonderful high ceilings and over-sized bedrooms. If we ever have the opportunity to build (again) I would most certianly include these features in my new home but with the convenience and practicality of modern, low maintenance materials.
These images, again courtesy of , article called Lovely Bones - Devonport Villa, keep that dream day it will happen, I will have my dream home!


The Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Ange, thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes we have quite a bit in common and I have to say that not too many people I meet are as house proud as I am. So nice to meet someone on the save wave length. Your chairs are gorgeous as well and you sound like me and have a chair fettish. I was thinking about tackling the upholstery myself but I am happy for you to do it (thats if your interested). Anyway if you want to hook up one day for a coffee just let me know. Sandy (

alice said...

Boy I am with you. That is a truly super-dooper dream house. Thanks for sharing.
smiles, alice