Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sorry for any Confusion

After (above)
Before (above)

Before (above)

After (above)

Just to clear up any confusion about my 2 sets of chairs from my last post. (thanks for all the comments everyone.)

The set that most of you seem to be in favour of have actually already been "made over". I painted them and recovered them, and like Tracey (Porchlight Interiors), I think they contrast well with the white table. I must admit I really love this set of chairs. The only problem with them is that the seat, although comfy, is rather small and I don't want any overhang, lol . (sorry if that conjured up an unpleasant visual for any one!)

If I decide to sell these it will be on ebay (Mel, I'll give you a heads up when I list them ;-))

I have posted before and after images just so the difference can be seen.


Anonymous said...

Too funny about the visual for the overhanging butts!
I get what you are saying, I have some pretty little chairs that I have given the white paint treatment to & although they are really pretty the chair seat itself is not entirly big enought to sit comfortably on, so I have given them the job of just sitting & lookin pretty rather than serving a purpose.

chair up said...

Too true Sarah...on one hand I could sell them and feel like I am contributing to the family finances...on the other hand I could scatter them around the house as occasional chairs...on the other hand...hang on, that's 3 hands, which I sometimes wish I had mind you. I have another set of cane backs sitting in the garage patiently awaiting my attention so all is not lost if I sell these.
Ange :o)

MelsRosePlace said...

I have left my lovely cane ones (similar) outside and they are not the best anymore. Maybe i need to get out the paint pots again soon! But when?? I also meant to answer you re my roses, try Nahema as they seem to do well on the Gold Coast and have beautiful perfume and blooms. Have a good week. Mel xxx

Brabourne Farm said...

Nice decision to have to make as both sets of chairs are lovely. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog - I love getting feedback. Leigh

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Had a laugh imagining the *overhang* on the chairs..... so what did you decide in the end, to keep both maybe???

Lyn xxx

chair up said...

Haven't decided yet Lyn. Might list them on ebay with a "buy it now" and see how we go.
Actually I don't personally have an overhang's my husband...nah, just kidding,lol