Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Reminiscing

This rose is called Loving Memory. We planted it in memory of my little brother who passed away aged 21.

This picture was the one in the real estate window before we bought it.

So I have finally worked out how to use the scanner. This has opened up a world of possible posts for me. I went through several large boxes of photos yesterday, very time consuming as I didn't just have a "boy look" but revelled in all the memories that photos can evoke. (I think my husband must hold the world speed record for looking through a pack of photos!)

Today I will share a 100 year old villa we lived in (in NZ). We were only in it for 2 years but managed in that time to get a garden established...such fertile soil in Hawkes Bay! How is it that we could get so much done with an 18 month old and new baby, whereas now we don't have time to scratch our noses,lol.
I loved this house. It was so full of character...high ceilings (board and batten at that!), wide skirtings, timber floors, lead-light windows, back to back red brick fireplaces, ahhh.

Peter (hubby) hated this house. It had a leaking roof, draughty windows, old wiring, 2 fire places (that's a lot of kindling to chop), grrr.

I wish I had those rose coloured lenses in my glasses with our current house, haha.
PLEASE excuse the poor picture quality, it is truly cringe-worthy!


The Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Ange, love your gorgeous home, bet you were spewing when you had to leave it.
In reply to your question about fabrics. I buy most of mine on ebay, there is a fantastic fabric shop in Melbourne if your ever down that way. On the coast there is not much to pick from I have basically collected mine over the years from flea market finds and eaby.
Have to pick up a copy of Home Beautiful didn't know they were publishing the letter this month so thanks for the heads up.
Would love to catch up for a coffee anytime. Sandy

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hello Ange! What a Beautiful House! Love all the Gingerbread trim!

It seems as the Children get older we get so much busier! Our car becomes a Taxi service... Shuttling here & there... At one time.. I had 3 in 3 different schools.. Now I have 1 at home & still in school... Things are a bit quieter now..

Thanks so much for sharing this with us! ~ Hugs ~ Teresa

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

can imagine the feeling having to leave such a beautiful home the gardens are a real credit to you both.... something special about old Kiwi homes... I miss them...

Lyn xxx