Friday, September 11, 2009

"If I Were a Rich (wo)Man..."

As well as this blog being a record of my own home and ideas, it is a place for me to post images that I have come across that inspire me to keep creating. I have some beautiful images courtesy of New Zealand House and Garden magazine to share today. It makes me truly proud to be a kiwi when I see what fellow New Zealanders have achieved as they express themselves through their homes and gardens....just delightful. This first lot of pics is taken from an article entitled French Fusion in Dunedin. I could so be happy in this home. It is modern and classic, timeless and up to the it!
I am still learning how to do a hyperlink but the full story can be found on


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MelsRosePlace said...

HI and thank you so much for the visit! I too am addicted to home magazines lol ! Love the NZ House and Garden - it would have to be one of my favourites ! I shall add you to my blog list so i can check in often, take care, Mel xxx