Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wagga Wagga

If you click on the photo above you can see that the paving slabs went all the way down the side.

We made up a template so we could lay 8 paving slabs at a was still a mission though! This was my first attempt at building concrete block walls, even if they are only 1 block high:o) Click on photo for a closer look. You may notice the top is not on the crushed granite outdoor table...that was because we needed to co-ordinate 6 strong men to lift it on!

This dust storm got me thinking about the 2 years we lived in Wagga Wagga. Dust was fairly common there as the countryside was in serious drought. Being a newbie I couldn't understand why locals would laugh when I mentioned that we would be painting our new house white....I soon found out. But it was worth it to have the house that I had envisioned. We couldn't have the black roof tiles we wanted as they didn't comply with the basix building restrictions.

We almost broke the drought both times we had turf ready to be laid. On seperate occasions for the front and then back lawns the heavens opened the day we needed to lay it....and this, after months of no rain.

I've added a few pics for anyone interested. I was sad to leave this house as it was nice and spacious with so much storage. Unfortunately, with Gold Coast land and real estate prices being what they are, we had to downsize :-( and buy a house that needed some work. We are slowly getting things done but on a tight budget (private schools are more expensive here too), it can get a little frustrating having to prioritise and knock some things off the list altogether (like a pool).

Anyway, enough of that negativity. We're halfway through the week so it'll be the weekend soon, yay.



Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment! i DO get soooooooo many visits from the white house black shutters google search, it really is funny...probably fifty a day just looking for that! it was very nice to hear from you...i will come back and visit and look at all your favorite blogs as well...nice to "meet" you! now i'm off for some coffee and getting the children ready for school. many blessings! ~ashley~

Brabourne Farm said...

Love the charcoal wall - people are so reluctant to use dark colours inside but this proves how fabulous it looks. Have a lovely weekend. Leigh

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